Happy International Women’s Day! ♀️

March 8, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day!

Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration wanted to take this day to celebrate and spotlight 3 of the MANY amazing women in our company. We are very fortunate to have a team filled with some of the industry’s most intelligent and driven women. Without them, we wouldn’t be the purpose-driven organization we are today.

Lorna Georgica:

Current Role: Dispatcher

PPCR since 2004

Day to day, Lorna organizes logistic coordinating vehicles, people and jobs to ensure that everything runs smoothly. At times, that means listening to a person having a bad day or motivating her teams. With years of experience in closing flies, she is always quick to lead anyone ready to learn.

Lorna started in the Restoration industry after a life change at 36. Beginning as a contents technician, she has worked with many different personalities. Lorna says that she finds Restoration hard work but very rewarding putting people’s lives back together for them. 

What is it like working as a woman in Restoration?

“Women starting in this industry have the opportunity to move up very quickly if they work hard and want to learn on-the-job skills. It is great working for Platinum Pro Claim as I have witnessed lead flood techs and carpenters work with every new woman with kindness and patience. It is nice to see all the experienced men & women passing down their knowledge to new people freely.

I see more women excelling in our industry. Moving up from fieldwork to the office and becoming great project managers. We are in the business of helping people, so it takes a certain type of person to work in this industry day in and day out.”

Sarah Ross:

Current Role: Senior Project Manager

PPCR since 2008

As a Project Manager, Sarah works with claims guiding them from emergency remediation to repairs for multi-unit water and fire losses. She works closely with property managers, adjusters, homeowners and sub-trades to ensure that the job gets done. Sarah says she makes sure to have fun, share a laugh, but most importantly, keep her team well fed
🥐🍗 🍔 🍜 🌯 

Sarah didn’t choose Restoration – Restoration chose her. PPCR reached out to Sarah for an interview shortly after receiving her resume from a recruitment company. Sarah started as an office assistant, then moved into a dispatcher role before working as a Project Manager.

What is it like working as a woman in Restoration?

She said, “It’s tough when the ratio of men to women is significantly skewed in favour of men. I still run into people with that old school mentality that this is a man’s job, whether from equals within the industry, adjusters or homeowners.

I love PPCR’s equal opportunity and the company’s support to each individual. This helps set the pillar of PPCR culture – Planet, People, Community and Responsibility.” 

 What advice would you give to women looking to start in this industry?


“Ask yourself whether this is your passion. Project Management is a tough and demanding job that often requires long days. If you have the passion and the desire to dig deep, learn the trade and share your knowledge, it can be gratifying. Don’t let naysayers derail you from your track to success.”


Brooke Barksdale:

Current Role: Full-Service Technician

PPCR since 2021


Brooke began her journey in construction several years ago when transitioning from a server into a painter! Five years later, she decided to seek an opportunity to provide her with variety and expand her knowledge, so she started with PPCR. 

As a full-service technician, Brooke is exposed to and learns a wide array of construction skills working on Flood, Contents and Constructions related tasks. She works on everything from water extraction to drywalling.

When asked What is it like working as a woman in Restoration?

“Being a woman in Restoration is deeply fulfilling, especially for those with an aptitude to be hands-on and want to contribute to building and restoring the world we live in. 

My advice to any woman looking to begin their journey within this industry would be to just be yourself in your truest form, whatever that may be. Never let stereotypes or conventional ideals get the best of you, and leap if it’s something you’re passionate about! When you’re in the right place, everyone around you will be on your team to help guide you and assist in your growth, so you’re able to do the same for the next person.”

If you are a woman looking to get involved with Restoration, there is a place for you at PPCR. Check out our Careers page for more information about our current openings.


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