After a loss, we bring the heat.

Deena Al-Kassab Fire Technician

The Platinum Difference

We’re not just blowing smoke. Beyond just a single room, our team of experts can bring entire buildings back from the ashes.

How To Report A Loss

The longer you wait, the worse fire damage becomes. Our simple, step-by-step process will get your restoration started ASAP.

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Your Experience

Sampling & Surveys

First, we’ll analyze your property for toxins, structural integrity, and any other safety issues.

Immediate Action

While our assessment is in motion, we’ll remove debris, stabilize your property, and install any necessary power measures.

Guaranteed Restoration

Post-assessment, we’ll use our industry-leading technologies to quickly and efficiently restore your property, and the things inside it, to pre-damage condition.

Not into phone calls?

While we can’t explain phone phobias, our FAQs and Live Chat reps can answer pretty much everything else.

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Report a Loss

Need a hand? Our team can lend around 300, no matter what situation you’re in.

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