Flood & Water
Damage Restoration

Like a visit from your in-laws, you can’t plan for flooding. We’re here to help, 24/7.

Mike Harding Site Manager

Don't Get Soaked!

We’re people too, and that’s all too rare these days. When floods damage your property, we’ll work for you AND with you. We know that flooding is incredibly stressful; you can trust our team to ease your mind and make water damage restoration as simple as possible right when you need us.

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How To Make A Claim

Our simple step-by-step process turns downpours into smooth sailing. Give us a call at (604) 332-2383 to get started with your flood and water damage restoration, or, if the phone isn’t your thing, you can report a loss by clicking below.

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Emergency Services

We’ll start with the basics – getting rid of the water,  performing a Hazardous Materials Survey, removing any damaged goods that can’t be salvaged, and making sure everything is dry before beginning our cleaning process.

Bid Process

Next, we’ll provide a Scope & Estimate to your Property Manager or Insurance Adjuster – you shouldn’t have to worry about being the middle-man right now. You’ll be notified by your insurance company once our quote is sent, and upon approval.


Finally, we’ll provide a tentative Schedule of Repairs. If new flooring or cabinets are required, our PC Specialists will showcase samples either at your home, or in our showroom. Timing depends on the water damage and material availability.

Not into phone calls?

While we can’t explain phone phobias, our FAQs and Live Chat reps can answer pretty much everything else.

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Need a hand? Our team can lend around 300, no matter what situation you’re in.

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