Driven by Purpose

Deshawn Dennis Recycling Assistant

We care. A lot.
Like, a lot, a lot.

We’re the only restoration company in Canada to be Climate Smart certified. From Powersmart facilities to industry-leading recycling programs, sustainability’s in our nature.


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Social Purpose




Waste 🤢

Building Something Special

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up

We’ve removed over 13,000 lbs. of illegally dumped materials, including asbestos, from BC’s shorelines.

Canadian Diabetes Association

Whether it’s clothing, furniture, or building materials, we donate everything we can’t find a home for. It’s just the right thing to do.

Ocean Legacy Foundation

Every plastic drinking container we collect is sent to this BC company that removes plastic from our oceans and turns it into biofuel.

Get to Know Us.

We have humble roots and an exciting future, and proud of everyone we help serve. Don’t be shy – get to know us a little bit better.

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We Love It Here.

We love our community in Richmond and the Vancouver Area. That’s why our team makes it a point to give back to our neighbours.

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