A true second family.

Mess is More.

Sure, we could’ve just handed out slices of cake, but that’s not who we are. Keep scrolling for our faces without icing on them.

Project Managers (9)

Brett Ogasawara

Sr.Project Manager

Denisse Gonzalez

Project Manager

Jason Ryshak

Sr.Project Manager

Matthias Loewen

Project Manager

Ryan Miller

Project Manager

Sarah Ross

Sr.Project Manager

Terry Wang

Project Manager

Thomas Zass

Project Manager

TJ Scott

Sr.Project Manager

Senior Managers (3)

Elaine Dimakos

Director of Client Services

Grace Lee

People & Operations Manager

Kirin Nahal, CPA

Financial Controller

Managers (6)

Brodie Sandusky

Facility Manager

Cyro Rodrigues

Contents Manager

Jason Nyrhinen

Construction Manager

Rod Turick

Cabinet Shop Manager

Ryan Shields

HR Manager

Vickie Yu

Payroll and Benefits Manager

Head Office | Pro-Claim Group (6)

Tony Scott

CEO aka Head Honcho

Jamie Madill

Director of Sustainability aka Green Guru

Elaine Dimakos

Chief Marketing Officer aka VP of Good Times

Leland Guttridge

Chief Technology Officer aka Cyber Giraffe

Jodie Gagola, CPA, CGA

Chief Financial Officer aka "The Money"

Trevor Burns

Sr.Marketing & IT Manager aka "Captain Brand"

Life at PPCR

More Than
Just a Job.

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Working at PPCR is different. We value our employees the same way we value our customers. Our day to day is beyond a 9-5, it’s a second family.

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