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Case Study - City of Richmond

Trouble Strikes

When King George Park’s facilities suffered fire damage, the City of Richmond needed fast, professional service they could trust. Enter PPCR.

Leaping into Action

With the city needing to re-open the park’s facilities ASAP, we had a team on-site within the hour.

Saving the Day

The damage was repaired quickly and efficiently, the park’s facilities were re-opened to the public, and the park caretaker was able to return home.

Real Reviews, From Real People

“I had a flood in my place and they came immediately and were very kind and understanding to the situation. There's a girl named Deena that works with the guys and she paid great attention to destabilize on the clean up job and made sure each day she left that she tidied up so my house wasn't as in disarray.”

Tania F


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“Our emergency situation was brought under control to minimize damage. Derek Gauthier and his site manager Katie Wright managed our emergency and restoration in a very efficient, courteous and professional manner. We highly recommend Platinum Pro-Claim.”

Lionel Jackson

Maple Ridge

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“In a time of high distress due to unexpected property damage, when one feels helpless and in need of a trusted restoration company that responds immediately for remediation, we highly recommend Platinum Pro-Claim. The restoration work they have done for our house is above expectations.”



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