How to Locate Your Water Shut Off

June 21, 2021

Water could begin gushing uncontrollably in your house or condo at any minute, and you’ll want to know where your main shut-off valve is located to stop the water. Knowing where it is located in advance will help you take swifter action to shut off the water to save your property from extensive water damage.

Here’s where you can find your shut-off valve, depending on the type of dwelling in which you live.




If you live in a standard home, you’ll most likely find the shut-off valve along your house’s interior perimeter. The exact location is typically on the side of the house that faces the street.

If you have trouble finding your shut-off valve and need to turn off the water in a hurry, head to your property’s boundary line next to the street or sidewalk to find the shut-off valve at the beginning of your water main. You can call the emergency number on the utility box trap door (located on the ground) and get step-by-step instructions or ask for help to come to you if you have trouble shutting off the valve.




In a condo unit, the main water shut-off valve is usually located in the main bathroom underneath the vanity sink. An access panel will likely be covering the shut-off valve, and this panel can be removed easily to access the valve. After turning the handles on the valve to 90-degree angles so that they’re perpendicular to the pipes, your water should stop flowing. You can ensure that the water is turned off by running a faucet to drain the water that’s inside of it until the water stops (the water flow should only last a few seconds).




If you need to turn off the water for the entire floor in your condominium building, you might be able to find this valve located in the floor’s main hallway or inside a utility closet. Ask your condominium manager if you need help with locating the valve.




This valve may be located on the basement level.

If you don’t have a basement or can’t find it on the basement level, contact the condominium manager for help.




To shut off water for the entire building, you can usually find the valve for the condo’s main water line at the entry point inside the building where the pipes enter. Your building could have multiple shut-off valves, so it’s best to inspect the entire area around your building to see if there are pipes that enter in any other parts.

If water damage occurs before you’re able to shut off the water, our team can do the necessary repair work. Browse our website to learn more!


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