Our LPE Program

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What's the LPE Program?

The LPE Program was borne out of a simple hope – That we could fairly and clearly collaborate with our employees on where their skills currently sit. If we could do that, the responsibility they have earned, the pay they receive, and growth they can achieve are in plain sight.

How do we do it?


The person has been shown how to do the skill, and spent some time learning it with supervision. They may still need direction and quality control but are starting to build some experience.


In regard to the skill, they have a track record of good performance, and can practice their craft without someone watching every minute of it!


This person is a true expert when completing these tasks. This is where professionalism, speed, and quality merge into one bad-ass level.

In the Know

Within each role, we define exactly what skills are expected and what exactly those skills mean, providing us a framework where we can present wage increases and promotions to staff, based off facts. Because of this, the employee does not have to negotiate during a review, rather, they are completely in the know as to where they are at, in real time.

Collaborate More Often

Most companies will look at your wage and skills once a year if you are lucky. Surely, a review process like this could only be done yearly too, right?
False! At PPCR, we meet with our field staff to collaborate on their skills 3 times a year. Of all the features of this program the best may be this – It’s always evolving.


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