How To Protect Your Home From Costly Winter Worry

February 1, 2022

Turning off Winter Spiget

The cold and snow are forecasted to return to Metro Vancouver tomorrow (Feb. 2).


Winter weather has waged war on many homes across our province this year, causing millions of dollars in damage. We asked our home restoration experts (aka our staff) for their best DIY tips to avoid causing flood damage to your home this winter.


Clear the snow away from problem areas

Skylights, chimneys, enclosed glass balconies, or similar structures can be problem areas after snow melts. Caulking, silicone, or sealant around them will weaken due to sudden temperature changes; it’s essential to make sure you ‘refresh’ these seals every few years. To reduce the possibility of a flood in these problem areas, it’s important to clear the snow accumulation. 

Seal cracks

This tip is especially helpful for those living in older buildings- small cracks are common over time and may seem harmless, but they can result in severe damage if left alone. Sealing the small cracks when they pair is a quick way to prevent moisture and flooding into your home once the ice starts to melt. The small cracks aren’t the only area you should seal. It’s important to pay close attention to the gaps and cracks around doors and windows; Sealing these fixtures will help prevent flooding while also helping to keep your house warm (Bonus: You save Electricity!)

Turn off all outdoor water sources

Ensure that your outdoor sprinkler system is disconnected and blown out during the colder months – sprinklers are susceptible to being a source for floods and are something we often see. To avoid pipe bursts, turn off all outside faucets and drain water from outdoor pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. You should consider installing frost-proof faucets if your home is more than ten years old.

Keeping your gutter clear

Clean gutters allow water to flow freely down from your roofs and away from your house, protecting your foundation and preventing ice development on your roof. Gutter guards are an excellent technique to avoid the accumulation of leaves and other debris in your gutters.

We hope that these tips will help keep your home protected from the elements during this incoming cold front.


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