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Platinum Pro-Claim exists to help others in need by developing people, caring for the planet, building communities and restoring homes.


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Innovation at its finest

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We’re a leader in many ways, but especially when it comes to utilizing technology. We’ve been working with Restorify to develop the best Restoration Project Management platform the industry has ever seen. By utilizing this tech and working in a collaborative space, we were able to help create something that will change everything; most importantly it will make our customers lives easier.

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We Are

From breakfast programs to supporting youth board sports, more than just rebuilding properties, we’re also helping build communities.

How We Help

Purpose is Everything

No matter what business decision we make, we always refer back to our Purpose Statement.
Our values mean everything to us and our group.

Activate your Purpose!

PPCR had professional and experienced staff on-site immediately. The project manager was efficient, great at facilitating all the repairs, and understood what was most urgent.

Jim Young

City of Richmond

Success Stories

Where There’s Smoke, There’s PPCR

When King George Park suffered severe fire damage, the City of Richmond needed fast, professional service they could trust. Guess who they called first.

We Do It All.


Don’t get burned again. We’re expertly trained on the newest tech to ensure your property is restored to its original state – maybe even better.

Fire Services


When disaster strikes, we’ll come running. Think of us like lifeguards for your home, just without the revealing swimsuits.

Flood Services


We’ve been breaking the mould for over 30 years. After a flood, don’t risk the long-term health effects of mould, lead, or asbestos.

Enviro Services

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While we can’t explain phone phobias, our FAQs and Live Chat reps can answer pretty much everything else.

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Need a hand? Our team can lend around 300, no matter what situation you’re in.

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